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In the time of the medical emergency, a comprehensive emergency medical record can save lives.  The emergency medical record by ICER-2-GO is available online via the Internet or via the cell phone, immediately accessible for emergency responders.  Using a medical ID card created by ICER-2-GO, an emergency responder can access an emergency medical record that includes medication and medication history, conditions, medical alerts, allergies, insurance coverage, surgeries, hospitalizations and implant information.

An online emergency medical record saves lives by making a comprehensive medical report available to EMTs and paramedics at the scene of a medical emergency.  When the patient reaches the emergency room at the hospital, the complete emergency medical record can be accessed by emergency room doctors and nurses.  An online emergency medical record can save the life of you or your family.

emergency medical records I. I. cynical are available for natural disasters or man-made disasters.  It is especially important to have your medical records immediately available by Internet or by telephone at the scene of a medical emergency.  Emergency medical records are stored online protected by 256 bit AES encryption.  In addition to emergency medical records, ICER-2-GO also provides a personal health record that can be used with family doctors and our specialists.  ICER-2-GO provides a medical doctor network that can enter electronic medical records for patients.  Information entered by members of the ICER-2-GO network can be viewed by the patients through the interface included in ICER-2-GO.

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 emergency medical records by ICER-2-GO brings an online medical record for instant access to emergency responders through a browser-based cell phone or to the Internet.  Online medical records include medications, allergies, conditions, surgeries, hospitalizations, family medical history, implants, donor wishes, DNR instructions, and a complete review of system. Emergency medical records by ICER-2-GO can be purchased online and downloaded immediately.  When you print a wallet ID card, you were giving emergency responders the opportunity to Accenture online medical records at the scene of an accident or an illness.